Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rox and Joey Training Update

Lauren Hough teaching Kristin on Rox

Lauren Hough on Rox

Kristin and Rox

Rox has been coming out of the winter well. I think all the work we did last year as alternates for the Pan-Am Games, he has retained a lot of information and matured a lot over the winter and come out better than ever before. The push to ask more of him was just what he needed last year. I’ve started him back slowly and he just had his first start, advanced at Pine Top. It was also his first full advanced event; I didn’t push him for time but he jumped around from start to finish the best he’s ever felt. He finished very strong with tons of energy left after cross-country.

Joey has been fabulous and is coming out of the winter better than ever. He just gets better with age. I’m keeping things toned down this winter, focusing on his dressage and fitness. My intention is to run him at Southern Pines and then The Fork as we prepare to hopefully run at Badminton this year. He feels super – you’d never know he’s seventeen! He’s fit and spunky and can’t understand why I’m not letting him run around cross-country. I’m trying to contain his enthusiasm.


Photos from US Eventing Team Training Session with Lauren Hough at Bridle Creek Farm in Aiken, SC courtesy of Kate Samuels

Monday, February 27, 2012

February Young Horse Update

It's been a great start for the young horses in Aiken. I’ve done a couple of events with them and so far so good.

Textile, a new project who is just starting in eventing has taken to it very well. He just started jumping cross-country a month ago and has gone clean at two events – he’s a very talented prospect. He placed 2nd at Full Gallop, his first-ever event!

Sahara is also very game cross-country; she’s a packer type who will be fabulous for a YR or Junior to get some mileage on. I’m having a lot of fun just cantering around. She’s a full TB who never raced. She placed 6th at Paradise and 10th at Full Gallop. Both Sahara and Textile are offered for sale.

Ricardo Time has been a star and won his first two recognized events on his dressage score – a 25.5 and then a 21.5. He is maturing very quickly for his age and I’m very excited about his future, he’s becoming a really talented and exciting prospect. He is for sale, but realizing the talent that he has, I am hoping to keep him in my string of horses, especially because Ray is laid-up right now.

We had a tragic and unfortunate incident last month with Ray: he presumably got cast in his stall and fractured his pelvis and is currently on a year’s stall rest to see if he can recover. He was examined here by Dr. Kevin Keane and then at the University of Georgia. It is something that he potentially should recover from, but only time will tell the extent of long-term damage and what his athletic ability will be in the future.

I found Ray (Lumiere Royale) in Ireland as a three-year-old and I just had a gut feeling that I had to find out more about him. It was clear in my mind that he was one of the most talented horses I’ve ever seen. I started him myself and was impressed with everything he did – I’ve been fortunate to sit on a lot of nice horses and he’s one of the nicest I’ve ever been able to ride. His talent and work ethic are far beyond most horses and it’s absolutely depressing that he probably won’t be able to show the world what he can do. He’s only six years old and we haven’t even tapped into his full ability.

So far we’ve kept him safe and comfortable and I’ll do everything I can to keep him recovering well but it’s impossible to know what he will be able to do once he’s healed. You don’t find many horses like him in a lifetime – he’s a very special horse. I had so much hope for Ray and big plans for Ray – I really like to take time and find the right horse for me and I took that time with him.

Unfortunate things happen, but time moves on as he is resting and recovering. I’ve had time to think about the need to have a string of horses in this career; with Ray's future unknown I’m trying to find the next horse to come up through the ranks behind Rox and Joey. As tough as the past few weeks have been, the more I think about it the more I realize I’m lucky to have RT in my barn – a horse that was specifically chosen by Tom Meagher in Ireland for his potential. He’s been progressing in the past few weeks and is coming along, stepping up to the plate and becoming an exceptional young horse. We seem to be a good match and I think he really could be the next horse of the future for me – and he’s right here in my barn.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Horse For Sale: Textile

"Tex" is a seven-year-old 15.3 Hanoverian gelding. He is a very clean and athletic jumper and has lovely, flashy movement on the flat. He is just getting started in his eventing career and won his first time out. He is a very talented prospect and goes in a happy mouth! Sweet as can be with perfect manners and very sane! Will suit a variety of riders for eventing, jumpers or dressage.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Horse for Sale: Sahara

Attractive, eight-year-old, (turning 9 min May), 15.3h, Thoroughbred mare. Never raced, privately bred. Athletic jumper with tons of scope. Accurate and steady on the flat. Very nice all-around horse for a child, Young Rider or adult to have a blast with in eventing or jumpers. Currently in Aiken,SC Priced at $15,000

Sunday, February 5, 2012

High Performance Training Session Schedule at Bridle Creek, Aiken

Monday, Feb. 6th

800 Boyd/
845 Jennie/ No Objection
930 Boyd/
1015 Meghan/ Pirate
1100 Boyd/
1145 Doug/ Running Order
1230 LUNCH
1300 Will F/ Pawlow
1345 Kendyl/Ever So Lucky
1430 Lizzie/ Coal Creek

Tuesday, Feb 7th

0800 Boyd/
0845 Will F./ Pawlow
0930 Boyd/
1015 Will C./ Twizzel
1100 Boyd/
1145 Susan/ Wolf
1230 LUNCH
1300 Megan/ Pirate
1345 Lynn/ Donner
1430 Kristin/Ballylaffin Bracken
1515 Alex/ Fernhill Cubalawn

Wednesday, Feb 8th
EXTREMELY TENTATIVE until times released for Full Gallop

800 Will C/ Twizzel
845 Jennie/No Objection
930 Doug/Running Order
1015 Susan/ Wolf
1100 Kendyl/ Ever So Lucky
1145 LUNCH
1215 Alex/Fernhill Cubalawn
1300 Lynn/ Donner
1345 Lizzie/ Coal Creek
1430 Becky/Can’t Fire Me

Thursday, Feb 9th

800 Becky/ Cant Fire Me
845 Boyd/
930 Will F./ Pawlow
1015 Boyd/
1100 Will C/ Twizzel
1145 Boyd/
1230 Lunch
1300 Kristin/ Ballylaffin Bracken