Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rox Tops the HAYGAIN PRO Tour Horse Leaderboard!

Press Release from the Professional Riders Organization: 

Congratulations to Buck Davidson and Carl and Cassandra Segal's Ballynoecastle RM, who came away with the trifecta, having won an advanced division at Millbrook for the third year running! Phillip Dutton and Ann Jones' Young Man took home their first advanced win at Millbrook. Caroline Martin not only won the Young Riders Open Preliminary Division at Millbrook, but continued a streak of her own by winning the SSG "Go Low For The Dough" Bonus Award for the second year in a row after her cross-country round.

Thank you to all the riders who cheered the kids on (and some very large kids too!) in the PRO Kids' Horseless Show Jumping. There was some very fine jumping with lots of style. Check out the video on PRO's YouTube Channel.

In leaderboard news: Phillip Dutton maintains his lead on the PRO Tour Riders Leaderboard, Ballylaffin Bracken takes over the top spot in the HAYGAIN PRO Tour Horse Leaderboard, and William Coleman retains his top spot on the Multi Radiance Medical Intermediate Challenge Leaderboard.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Millbrook Recap

Photo of Kristin Schmolze and Ballylaffin Bracken on cross-country at Millbrook courtesy of Lee Lee Jones
 We had a great weekend at Millbrook, with RT finishing second in the novice and Rox ending up 6th overall in Advanced A.

After Bromont in the spring Rox came out of his first three-star perfectly – you’d never know he ran a three-star! I did give him a little downtime, especially because I needed some time for my ribs to heal, and then brought him back to run the advanced at Millbrook this weekend.

He keeps blowing me away; every day he feels better and more mature. Every ride, I feel like he grows and matures in such a positive way. After doing his first three-star I feel like I have a different horse.The only thing I’ve had to adjust over the summer is his conditioning because the ground is like concrete since we haven’t had any rain.We've added sessions with an Aqua Pacer water treadmill, which I’ve used it for other horses in the past, and I think it will be a good addition to his fitness regimen without pounding his legs; we’ll try to keep that going throughout the summer.

At Millbrook Rox did his best dressage test and finished on 29.4. He had a fabulous cross-country round with just some time, but I had planned on going slow anyway since it was his first cross-country run since Bromont.

Photo of Kristin Schmolze and Ballylaffin Bracken show jumping at Millbrook courtesy of Lee Lee Jones

He jumped around the advanced show jumping very well and was really jumping huge! We had one rail and a little bit of time. In the middle of the course he nearly jumped me out of the saddle with such a huge jump - we were heading towards a combination and a little bit strung out, so I needed to get him collected again - but all went well after that. I am going to need to work on how to change my position so as to not be jumped out of the saddle when Rox uses so much power over a fence - he's a huge horse!

RT did a great dressage test and got a 29.5, then had a super double clear cross-country round. He also jumped extremely well in show jumping but unfortunately had one rail down which bumped him from the lead into second place. I'm so proud of him and excited for his very bright future!

Now I'm at the Horse Park of New Jersey, putting in long hours teaching at a Young Riders Camp along with Jennie Brannigan, Hannah Sue Burnett and Lynn Symansky. We're having a great time and everyone is learning a lot. I'll post an update soon!


Friday, August 3, 2012

Millbrook Horse Trials

From The Professional Riders Organization

The Eventing portion of the London Olympic Games is concluded and now all focus shifts back to the United States and this week's Millbrook Horse Trials, part of the PRO Tour Series. Riders will once again be able to earn points on the HAYGAIN Horse Leader Board and the PRO Tour Riders Leader Board. The Multi Radiance Intermediate Challenge continues this week as well as the SSG "Go Low For The Dough" promotion, which leaves many opportunities for riders to come away with some great prizes.

The Millbrook Horse Trials is also the last observation competition for the PRO Junior Young Rider Training Level Scholarship Award. Two riders from the east coast and two riders from the west coast will earn scholarship weeks shortly!

Thursday Night at 6:00 PM is the PRO Wine & Cheese Competitors Welcome Party. Saturday features the PRO Kids' On Foot Show Jumping Party and we will be having color commentary in the Patrons Tents on Saturday and Sunday. Kerry Millikin will also offer a show jumping course walk on Sunday prior to the advanced division show jumping.