Monday, May 14, 2012

Bucks County Schooling Horse Trials

The whole Everbreeze gang was out this past weekend at Bucks County and it was a blast!

Click this link to see the picture[s]:

Carol took the photos and they are AMAZING! She wanted me to mention
that they are in low res for shutterfly viewing but that the actual pics are high res and even clearer......personally, I think they look great already! I think we all need to send a thank you email to Carol - she ran around all day to capture as much as possible with the insane schedule of ride times we all had!

It was a fabulous day and I want to thank everyone that helped make it possible! Especially Vanessa for making the horses look gorgeous!

All of my students were pretty darn impressive out there, making KSEventing/Everbreeze look kinda awesome! Great job, everyone.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spring Update

Kristin and Rox at Fair Hill CIC3*. Kate Samuels Photo

 Rox was really good at Fair Hill in the CIC3* in April, in all three phases. Linda Zang helped me a ton on the flat the week before and Rox redeemed himself after his little dressage meltdown at the Fork! Fair Hill was a tough cross-country course and he jumped around perfectly; the ground was absolutely rock-hard, so I took it slow, and he was still feeling it Saturday night and Sunday morning. I thought he might be too foot-sore to jump clean but he still jumped great on Sunday and left all the rails up – he’s becoming such an all-around competitor, he really knows his job! He finished fourth overall.

I find that he’s better when he has some time between events; I had to run Fair Hill to get him qualified after The Fork, but now that they’ve made Bromont a selection trials I’m going to take him there instead of Jersey Fresh. We’ll continue working on his flat work, maybe with another lesson with Linda Zang, and doing some hills to work on his fitness, in the meantime. 
Kristin and Rox at The Fork
 We’re still working on a "Plan B" for Joey, but he gets checked out by the vet tomorrow so hopefully that will give me a better idea of where I’m going with him. It’s still a huge disappointment not go to Badminton, but everything happens for a reason. Obviously this wasn’t the year, no matter what! 

All of the young horses had a little break after Aiken so I’m getting them going again and will take them to Bucks County next Sunday, including a couple of horses that were in training in Aiken but haven’t competed yet – it should be a fun day out! I also have quite a few students doing their first event of the year.