Friday, August 9, 2013

Aiken Clinic Series

In June I kicked off the first clinic in my new 'Aiken Clinic Series' at Sporting Days Farm. The idea being that I will hold monthly clinics at SDF and so far the June and July dates were a blast! Meeting lots of new riders and horses at each session has been lots of fun and even better is getting to see some of the same ones each month to help them on a more consistent basis! It is always great challenge as a trainer/clinician to use your experience and knowledge to help each pair in their own individual areas of strengths and weaknesses. Especially when you are just meeting them for the first time and only have 45 minutes or so to do it in!

As of the July clinic, one of my great sponsors, Tredstep Ireland, has jumped in with even more fun  and has very generously offered 'goodies' to all participants! How cool is that?!? Each rider got a pair of Tredstep gloves and a Tredstep polo shirt!!

Next clinic date is August 17th. It is filling up fast but if you would like to come join the fun just email me at, or check out the info on my website
Tredstep Ireland will also be offering up some fun items again! So exciting to have a wonderful sponsor step in and be a part of this series with me!!

This August clinic is also the day before the Full Gallop Farm HT, which works out very well that I can help school a few riders and horses the day before their event! Possibly even get to walk their courses with them and warm them up the next day!

The September date is already set as well, Sept. 7th, mark that down on your calendars! Auditors are always welcome as well, no charge!

 Please help me spread the word, I'd like to grow these clinics a little more each time as more people get to know me and hopefully can develop this series into something even bigger and greater!!

I have a love for teaching passionate riders at all levels. Honestly, it does not have to be strictly eventing either. The nice part as an eventing rider/trainer, is that you can help riders from many horse sport disciplines because of the well rounded knowledge we gain as eventers. Dressage, show jumping, fox hunting, even tips on how to get the most out of your pleasure riding! There is always something to learn!


(As you can tell from the pictures, I get 'into' my teaching, I'm riding right along with them!) :)

All photos courtesy of Samantha Bacon

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fitch's Corner and Millbrook HT

This summer is zipping by and the last few weeks have been some of my favorite events in the country. Two that I attended and 1 that I unfortunately could not make it to this year. Rebecca Farm is one of the most beautiful and well run events you can imagine! In a picturesque setting, it is the ideal place to hold an event with so many levels! Sarah does a wonderful job, following in her amazing mother's footsteps. I'm so sorry I had to miss your event this year!

Fitch's is also one of my favorites for many reasons. That area of NY is just lovely and especially at this time of year. The grounds are beautifully kept, the courses are extremely well made and challenging. Everyone involved with running the event are wonderful and helpful. Thank you to Fernanda Kellogg for holding this event for us!
Can not say enough great things about Fitch's corner......o, and the prizes are pretty good too ;)

We had a line up of: Myself riding Ricardo Time in the training and Jolie Loeber's Toffypops in the novice. Both horses won their divisions and RT scoring a 19.1 in the dressage!
Kira Statue rode her own Suleiman in the novice, Lynne Bauer rode her own Walkabout in the novice, Heather Loeber rode her own Spruce Meadow Onslow in the novice and Beth Durden rode her own Ricardo's Whistle and Pop in the novice as well! Busy weekend with great success for everyone!

Two weeks later we were at Millbrook HT, another great event with challenging courses at all levels over very hilly terrain. I was riding Ballylaffin Bracken in his first event back since Rolex and we went for a steady fun ride around the Int. track which Rox handled just perfectly. Ricardo Time topped his score from Fitch's with an 18.6, certainly a personal best for both of us! He was super all weekend!
RT very sleepy after an 18.6 dressage score!

Toffypops made the big move up to Training level and he was a star in each phase, he is a super horse for the future being that he is just 6!

Students; Kira Statue won her novice on Suleiman, Dawn Eastabrooks moved her horse Valito up to Novice, Lynne Bauer rode her own Walkabout at novice, and Katie Kogut took her special girl Yes Your Highness in the BN. Great weekend for everyone!!

As far as competing, we are using the rest of August to practice and strengthen our skills and come back out competing in Sept. at Seneca, Plantation, Flora Lea, and Morven as our next 4 events.

Then hopefully on to Galway with Rox for he and I to contest the 3star tract! Very exciting!!